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"In Mississauga, the Able Elite Team is a trusted source of travel insurance advice. We work with Canada’s top insurers and know where to look for the best policies. "

Travel presents great opportunities to discover new places and learn new cultures, gives you real-life education, broadens your world view, and can enrich your life in many other ways. But it also comes with a lot of risks, from accidents in foreign lands, illness due to food poisoning, heat exhaustion, and fatigue, to canceled flights due to security threats and global health emergencies. All these risks are a good reason to buy travel insurance.

A few days’ hospital stay in the United States, for example, can cost you thousands of dollars. This is money you will not have budgeted for. And even if you had, it is still a lot of money to spend that will likely spoil the trip more than the illness itself would have. If you are a frequent traveler there is just so much that you cannot control but which can cost you a lot in unbudgeted expenditure.

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Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It?

What turns most people off buying insurance is the annoyance that you may never have to make a claim. While that is true, knowing that if an unexpected calamity does happen you will always be protected financially gives you peace of mind that whatever savings you can make from not buying insurance can never buy you.

Travel insurance is mostly short term, meaning you often buy insurance on a per-trip basis. So the worry of not recouping your investment from not making a claim is even greater than with other types of insurance, like auto and home insurance. However, the fear must be offset by the knowledge that if something does go awry on your trip the toll on your finances is potentially more catastrophic.

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Your Different Options For Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies come with different coverages for different travel-related expenses and risks. You could buy flight insurance to secure your family’s financial security in case your plane crashes and you never make it back home. Statistically, the odds of your plane crashing are extremely low, but planes do crash. You should also want to ensure your policy has liability coverage for any injuries and damage to people’s property that you may cause while on your trip.

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Other forms of travel insurance

Another form of travel insurance you could buy is baggage insurance, which covers your luggage as you travel. There is always the risk your luggage can be mishandled, damaged, or even lost as you connect flights on your trip. Your trip may also get canceled or a tour or excursion you had prepaid for may get canceled because of poor weather or security-related reasons. Your travel insurance policy will help you recoup the costs.

However, the most important form of travel insurance you need to buy before setting off on a trip is medical insurance. It will cover your hospital fees if you fall sick on your trip. You should also consider adding coverage for medical evacuation costs, especially if you are going to be holidaying in a remote place where there are no easily accessible health facilities.

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Where To Buy Your Travel Insurance In Mississauga

If you have separate medical insurance or even renter’s insurance, you may notice that the policy may already include coverage for some travel-related risks. You will need to ask your insurer about the limits of that policy so as not to duplicate coverage on your travel insurance policy.

On your chosen travel insurance plan, check for any exclusions there maybe before buying. Many travel insurance policies exclude coverage for adventurous and potentially dangerous holiday pastimes like scuba diving, zip line rides, skiing, and pyrotechnics. Exclusions aside, your safety and wellbeing is ultimately your own responsibility. Make sure it is safe to travel where you intend to go. Check government travel advisories before planning your trip.

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In Mississauga, the Able Elite Team is a trusted source of travel insurance advice

There are many places to buy travel insurance, like the travel agency where you buy your tickets. But it is always a good idea to buy your travel insurance well ahead of your trip to give yourself enough time to evaluate your options. There are many commission-based agents who prey on travelers buying insurance at the last minute who will railroad you into paying for coverage you don’t really need.

We work with Canada’s top insurers and know where to look for the best policies. Contact us for the lowest travel insurance quotes in Mississauga.

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