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For many of us, our pets are beloved members of the family. When they catch an illness or break a leg, the whole family is in distress. So much that we will do all we can to get it treated, even if it means surgery. But even for pets, surgery is expensive.

So if your pet is such an adored member of the family, can’t you just add it to the family’s medical insurance policy so if it ever needs vet care, its treatment would be guaranteed? That would be a great idea if the law didn’t treat your pet as personal property and not a member of the family, as your daughter and son are.

Yes, according to the law, pets are personal property, which means you have to take out a different kind of insurance for them. You have to buy pet insurance, in the same way you buy auto insurance for your car or home insurance for your house in Mississauga.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how much you value your pet? If it’s really a valued member of the family then buying insurance for it will save you quite a bit of money over the course of its life. Note though, pet insurance will not only come in handy in the unfortunate event the pet suffers an illness:

Besides the risks of illness and injury from accidents, the pet could cause damage to other people’s property that you could be sued for. It could ruin your neighbor’s well-tended lawn or bite a passerby. Away from damages the pet may cause, insurance will also guarantee its care if you get hospitalized and ensure coverage for costs associated with its search should it ever go missing.

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How Much Will My Pet’s Insurance Cost Me?

Pet insurance premiums depend on various factors. Basically, the likelihood of you making a claim determines how much you will be asked to pay in premiums. Factors like the pet’s breed, age, and current health all play a part.

Pre-existing chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, and epilepsy are normally excluded, but you should check with your insurer. Generally, pet insurance comes in three types that you can buy individually or bundle into one policy. These are illness, accident, and wellness insurance. Wellness insurance covers preventive and routine vet care.

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What types of care are available under the plan?

Before setting out to buy pet insurance you should, however, ask yourself whether you are looking for a comprehensive policy, which gives coverage against all expected risks, or one that only provides for discounted vaccines and vet care. It is also critical to know what the waiting period is under the plan, if you get to choose your vet, and if the plan places a cap on the illness and accident claims you can make.

Just as important, check to see what types of care are available under the plan and if spaying, neutering, and other fertility and pregnancy-related procedures that are normally excluded are included in your plan. All these questions are important to ask because pet insurance policies differ between insurers.

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Your Pet Shouldn’t Be The Only Member of The Family Whose Health Isn’t Insured

What’s clear from statistics from insurers is that the average claim on pet insurance policies now far outstrips the average monthly premium. Of course, you may never have to make a claim. But there is a good chance you will and buying insurance is the best way to hedge against that uncertainty.

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Contact the pet insurance experts at the Able Elite Team to discuss your options and to get the best quotes in Mississauga.

You don’t want to overthink the decision on whether or not to buy insurance for your pet as you just don’t know how soon you may need it. With waiting periods to account for the time to ensure coverage for your pet is now. And the pet insurance brokerage to use is the Able Elite Team, Mississauga pet owners’ brokers of choice.

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