How To Send Documents With Your Phone

Option #1 Get a Scanner App.

The best and most effective way to send documents is to get a scan to PDF app for your phone.

There are many free scanner apps that will allow you to create PDF files that you can send over email. 

Open Lens is a good free option, download for Apple or Android below.


Apple Store Link:



Google Play Store:





>Open app 

>Accept permissions 

>Click through tutorials to start scanning. 

>Frame document in the viewer & press shutter.

>Press shutter to take picture of the first page.

>Press ‘Add New’ icon on the bottom left of your screen.

>Press shutter to take a second picture.

>Press ‘Add New’ & take continue to take images of all pages.

>Press ‘Done.’

>Check off ‘Gallery’ from the list & press ‘Save.’

>Press and hold down on the pictures you are emailing your broker.

>Click the share icon and send via your email app.



Option #2 Use Camera App



Make sure you take clear images that can be read, not too dark and not blurry. 

If they are dark or blurry, take the picture in a brighter room or turn your flash on. 

Make sure you hold still and focus before you take another picture. 


Attaching PDF or image files using your email client.

When using the Gmail app be sure to use the attachment icon. 



Recent files should show on the screen after selecting the ‘Attach file’ button.


Find the images you want to send.


Tap to select all images in your recent pictures you want to email to your broker.

Attach to the email & press “Send”.


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