If you’re in Mississauga and you have recently bought a new car, and are wondering if you should buy auto insurance, we have news to share with you. You need auto insurance! Not only because it is good for you, but also because the law requires that of you

The only question to ask is how to get the best car insurance quotes in Mississauga. What should be clear to you is many insurers are chasing you. Unfortunately, it is not always as clear to decide which rates and insurer are the best you can get. Here are a few ways to get the best auto insurance rates in Mississagua, ON:

Understand the limits of your insurance credit score

If you have a poor insurance credit score it is pragmatic to accept that you may not get the lowest car insurance rates possible. Just as a low credit score will dissuade lenders from extending credit to you, auto insurers will also consider you a high-risk prospect. 

For auto insurance specifically, a poor driving record is your worst enemy. It tells the insurer you will be making too many claims to be a profitable policyholder for them. To cover themselves against that risk, they will offer you high rates. So, as you set out to compare rates, manage your expectations and have a realistic picture of the rates you are likely to get after assessment by the auto insurance provider.

See what you can use to negotiate for discounts

Low rates aren’t the only way of keeping your auto insurance costs low. Just as effective are discounts you can get if you can show the insurance agent that you aren’t as high risk as your credit score, for one, may show. 

For example, if you have a clean driving record that clearly makes you an auto insurer’s dream policyholder. It shows you are less likely to get involved in traffic accidents from which you will need to make claims. Remember too that some cars are cheaper to insure than others, so choosing one car over another may also get you good auto insurance rates.

If you have more than one car, putting the two cars under one policy may help you get a discounted rate from the auto insurer. So too will bundling your car insurance with your home insurance.

Shop around and never make assumptions on auto insurance rates

Whether or not your credit score is low, you must shop around for good auto insurance rates and never make any assumptions. Consider the smaller, regional carriers just as you would the larger national insurers. 

And while it seems a good practice to ask friends and family for pointers, know that insurance quotes are determined on a per-person basis. The fact they managed to get a good rate with their insurance does not mean that’s the rate the insurer will offer you, too. Now, if you can’t ask your friends about where to get a good auto insurance rate, who should you ask?

Ask your insurance broker

At some point in your auto insurance shopping task, you’re going to need professional help. This is where the guidance of an experienced auto insurance broker will come in. A good broker will walk you through what is possible and what isn’t using your insurance credit score, driving record, and other variables. Your auto insurance broker is a professional who will advise on how you can get a better insurance score.

Where To Get Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Mississauga, ON

At Able Elite, of course! But as you know, Mississauga is one of the largest cities in Canada and has some of the busiest roads as well. All that traffic raises car insurance rates as our roads are deemed generally unsafe to drive on, which is all the more reason to buy your auto insurance through a good broker. 

We will use our extensive network and experience in the Mississauga auto insurance trade to get you the best quote for your situation. Contact us here and take the first steps to ensure your car is covered against all eventualities.

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