What Does Event Insurance Cover?

"To protect yourself, it is important you buy event insurance the moment you commit to hosting an event and, crucially, before engaging any vendors."

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Event insurance covers liability claims from an event you are hosting. Because there is so much that can go wrong at an event, there is no limit to the number liability claims that can be filed against the event organizer:

· A guest can slip on a wet floor and break an arm or leg,

· A drunk guest can start a brawl causing damage to the venue,

· Severe weather can even cause the event’s cancellation, leaving you open to claims by vendors

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The Different Types Of Event Cancellation Insurance Coverages

There are different types of event insurance coverages event organizers can purchase. But the most common and perhaps the most important are general liability and event cancellation insurance.

General liability insurance protects event hosts from any risk involving the event that is outside their control. These include missteps and accidents caused by caterers, event planners, and other vendors subcontracted to help you deliver a successful event.

Event cancellation insurance protects you from costs and liability claims caused by an event’s cancellation. Coverage extends to deposits you and your vendors may have already put down. Events can be canceled because of bad weather, structural damage to the venue, and communicable disease outbreaks.

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Venue Owners Now Insist On Event Insurance

Without event insurance it can be very difficult to secure a venue for your event. Most venues now insist on event insurance coverage of upwards of $1 million. Not just that, some of the vendors you will need for the event will also ask for additional coverages that are specific to them. Examples include:

· Liquor liability insurance, which covers liability claims involving the serving and consumption of alcohol at your event,

· Hired auto liability insurance that covers claims for injuries and property damage involving vehicles you are using for the event

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It is best to be insured than to take chances.

Of course, no one ever buys insurance with the hope of ever using it. But when you consider the range of possibilities for what can go wrong at an event, it is best to be insured than to take chances.

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