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"We work with Canada’s leading insurers and will leverage our deep expertise and industry knowledge to find an insurance policy with the right protections for your upcoming event."

Mississauga has a vibrant event hosting industry - from black-tie corporate shindigs, private occasions of merriment like weddings and anniversary dinners, to charity fundraisers. But unless you are an experienced event organizer who has had one go awry, it is not easy to imagine that you will need any liability coverage for an event you are planning. After all, special event insurance will seem a sunk cost once the event has passed without glitches.

The truth is so much can happen that can ruin an event or even stop it from happening. And when an event does not go so well, after service providers have spent money helping you tie it all together, you can bet they will look to get compensation. Facing a huge bill from all the services you have to pay for and a potential lawsuit from the event’s sponsor if the event fails totally, you will wish you had protected yourself with event insurance.

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Venue Owners In Mississauga Now Insist On Special Event Insurance

Owners of banquet halls, sports clubs, private estates, conference centers, and other exclusive event venues now require event organizers to produce proof they have bought event insurance before letting out their facilities. They just cannot take chances on some calamity during your event hurting them financially. The implication is without special event insurance, you will struggle to find a venue willing to accommodate your event.

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Why Mississauga Event Organizers Need The Protection Of Special Event Insurance

According to Murphy’s law, what can go wrong will go wrong. Well, the mathematics of the law is quite complex. But if you take chances and host that local business awards ceremony without insurance, it is highly likely what can go wrong will indeed go wrong.
When you are hosting an event there is a lot that you cannot plan for that can go wrong, all of which may attract liability claims for you as the event organizer. These claims can be for bodily injury or property damage that happens while the event is underway.

If you are serving alcohol, a drunk person can start a brawl that results in injuries for bystanders. An attendee can spill a drink causing another to slip and fall (resulting in an injury). The stage may collapse and injure an award recipient and the VIP doing the handover.
With so much going on at the same, even your staff can get overwhelmed and cause breakages and damage to property belonging to the venue’s owners. The weather can also have a say, snowing or raining it out completely. The list of liability claims that can be filed against you in the event’s wake is long. Protect yourself by purchasing event insurance before hosting your event.

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Get Your Event Insurance Sorted Before Hosting

If you are hosting an event of any kind, there are myriad claims that can be filed against you. Thankfully, with a special event insurance policy with the right coverages, you can protect yourself against all of them.
Ordinarily, you would need a general liability policy that has protections for a range of business types. This policy typically covers bodily injury and property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability, and medical payments. Special event insurance will only differ in that it restricts coverage to the specific event and the time within it is to be hosted. Policies will also have some exclusions.

A useful coverage that is not standard under liability policies but that is quite useful is cancellation insurance, which protects you against the risk of your event getting canceled. If you intend to sell alcohol at the event, you will also need to buy liquor liability insurance.

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Where To Buy Your Special Event Insurance In Mississauga

Event planners in Mississauga are increasingly relying on Able Elite Team insurance brokerage’s expertise in selecting insurance products that protect the interests of the small businesses of our great city. We work with Canada’s leading insurers and will leverage our deep expertise and industry knowledge to find an insurance policy with the right protections for your upcoming event.

Contact the Able Elite Team special event insurance experts to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

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