Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover Repairs?

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Standard auto insurance policies do not cover car repairs for general wear and tear or maintenance. They only cover car damage directly caused by an auto accident.

Generally, you cannot insure for vehicle breakdown that a good repair and maintenance plan would prevent. Insurance as a concept covers for unexpected events that you can’t fully prepare for.

Wear and tear damage on a vehicle is perfectly foreseeable and preventable. It is a risk that’s well within your control. So no insurer will sell insurance cover for it. The concept of 'full coverage' insurance itself is a misnomer:

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What Is Considered Full Coverage On A Vehicle?

Any search for ‘full coverage’ auto insurance will not yield positive results. That’s because no insurer will offer you full coverage insurance. It simply does not benefit them to sell insurance that covers every conceivable risk.

Typically that package entails a bundle of bodily injury and property damage liability, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance. That is what people generally refer to as full coverage.

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What is the difference between comprehensive and collision insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers car damage caused by unexpected events not related to a car accident, like fire or vandalism. It contracts with collision insurance which limits cover to physical car damage from a car crash that you are at fault for.

To ensure even fuller cover for your automobile, you may also consider adding coverage for ‘own damage insurance’. This type of coverage protects from damage to your that you are responsible for yourself but which isn’t a result of a car crash.

‘Self-damage’ insurance also extends coverage to damage caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Optional, this type of coverage protects from destructive natural events that would not normally fall under comprehensive insurance.

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Is There Insurance for Regular Car Repairs?

Some insurance companies offer what is called car repair insurance. This type of insurance coverage works much the same way as an extended car warranty. Only that it does not expire as a warranty will, unless of course if you don’t renew it.

Car repair insurance, otherwise called mechanical breakdown insurance pays for car parts and repairs for mechanical breakdowns or normal wear and tear. It does not cover repairs related to an auto accident.

These policies typically bind cover for engine parts, including brakes, electrical components, and the drivetrain. You also enjoy protection for mechanical wear on other systems on the car, like the air conditioning and steering. However, coverage for general maintenance is excluded.

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